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Benjamin Mertz hails from Hackensack, NJ, and has been a resident of California's SF Bay Area since 2008. Currently serving as the Director of Diversity & Inclusion at the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute (BECI), he also holds positions on the board of directors of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. Additionally, he is the founder and director of the Joyful Noise! Gospel Singers.

A multifaceted talent, Benjamin is renowned as a composer, performer, and song leader, specializing in the rich tradition of Black Spiritual music. His presence is often felt leading songs at various events including benefit concerts, vigils, protest actions, sacred services, and workshops. His latest album, "Climbing Up the Mountain," showcasing Black Spiritual music, is set to be released shortly on this website.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Benjamin is deeply committed to human rights and racial justice activism. When not engaged in musical performances, he dedicates his time to writing and speaking on topics such as racial justice, economic justice, Black History, and fostering interfaith and interracial alliances.

Residing in Richmond, CA, Benjamin remains dedicated to his various roles and causes.


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